Lake City, SC

Modern Manufactured Homes in Lake City, SC

Lake City is located in Florence County in the state of South Carolina. The population of Lake City was 6,675 in 2010 according to the United States Census Bureau. Locals enjoy living near to the larger city of Florence, about 25 miles north. Tourists and residents alike, also like exploring the crystalline water ways that abound near Lake City, which include numerous rare animals. Lastly, attractions that continue to expand are the Ronald E. McNair Life History Center, featuring a prominent astronaut from Lake City and the Moore Farms Botanical Garden that features thousands of plant species.

Residents in Lake City enjoy the comforts of southern hospitality and the abundance of wildlife in their surroundings. If Lake City sounds like a place you would like to settle into, locals recommend creating a manufactured home with Lumbee Homes. Having created homes in cities across South Carolina, Lumbee Homes brings together pre-assembled pieces of your home to build your home quicker and at a lower cost. 

Our Manufactured Homes Are Ready for Lake City, SC!

Lumbee Homes offers numerous home designs that can be customized to your preferences. All our manufactured homes come with new appliances and materials. Contact us today to learn about our new mobile home brands that can be shipped and completed in Lake City with you!
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