Sumter, SC

Sumter, SC

Call Sumter, SC Your New Home

Sumter, South Carolina was first named Sumterville back in 1845 but then was shortened to Sumter in 1855 after General Thomas Sumter, the "Fighting Gamecock" of the American Revolutionary War. It is a beautiful town that has a strong environmental awareness and patriotic presence in the town. 

Take a walk through the Swan Lake Iris Gardens or explore the Woods Bay State Natural Area. There is always something going on whether it is a festival or a street fair. Locals and tourists enjoy a vibrant community all year-round. Upcoming events are always keeping everyone looking forward to a new day in Sumter. 

Manufactures & Mobile Homes in Sumter

If you are ready to pack up your things and move to Sumter, SC we want you to consider learning more about manufactured and mobile homes. We have a large number of new homes for you to choose from, and you’ll find different styles that will suit your style and financing.

Families big and small all enjoy the beauty and affordability that these manufactured homes have. Call us today to learn more. 
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